Below we indicate a list of the most common questions and answers that we have encountered, so that we can resolve your doubts more quickly and easily.

Sí, por supuesto. Puedes acceder al Campus y a este programa desde cualquier dispositivo y desde cualquier lugar, simplemente necesitas acceder a http://academia.cmbmediala.com e identificarte.

Yes, both the platform and the content are designed to be viewed from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tu usuario es tu DNI con letra (12345678X) o tu dirección de correo electrónico.

Refresh the page. Clear your browsing data and re-enter your username and password manually. Check if you have caps lock on. If you still cannot enter, recover your password or contact us through hola@cmbmediala.com

Si no recuerdas tu clave de acceso, solo tienes que pinchar en el enlace que indica “Si es la primera vez que accedes o has olvidado la contraseña pulsa aquí” o en el enlace encima del botón de «Acceder» con el texto “¿Contraseña olivdada?”.

In a few minutes you will receive a message to your email with the necessary instructions to establish a new password. If, after a few minutes, you do not receive the email, contact us through hola@cmbmediala.com

Yes, the program is educationally designed to be carried out sequentially.

Don't worry because the platform will guide you at all times to complete the module that corresponds to you.

  • Although it is available, to access it you will have to have completed and passed the previous module

If we are already on time and you have passed the previous module you can advance without problem. 

Take advantage and put into practice what you have worked up to that point, the assimilation of what you have already learned is essential.

The program is designed for a dedication of no more than 30 minutes a day (Monday to Friday).

On the main page you have the start and end dates of the program. However, in the communications we will make periodically we will remind you and notify you of the deadlines set.

Although the program is developed primarily in video format, in each module we provide you with downloadable documents and infographics with its key ideas and reinforcement material. You also have bibliography about what you worked on available in each module.

Of each and every one of the modules, in the corresponding evaluation button. You will have to pass it with a score equal to or greater than five.

Remember that you have two attempts to complete and pass each evaluation. However, if you exhaust them without passing it, contact tutoring to reactivate the attempts.

You can contact us by email hola@cmbmediala.com or directly by calling 670 761 123, we will be happy to answer any questions or incidents.

Para dudas sobre contenidos mejor  realizar vuestras preguntas en el apartado de «Preguntas y Respuestas», denominada «Q & A» y se encuentra ubicado en la página principal del curso.

This option will only be enabled for those users who have successfully enrolled in the course.

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